Registration process and payment

  • Fill in the Registration form.
  • Wait for the confirmation mail from us.
  • Transfer the tournament fee within 7 days of your registration to our bank account which will be announced to you in the confirmation mail.
  • Wait for the registry success confirmation mail.
  • Come to the tournament and have fun.

We will send you an email within 2 days upon receiving the money.
If you do not get a mail within the time frame please contact us at:
Should we not receive the fee within 7 days and have not been contacted by you, we will have to cancel your registration to the advantage of the next person on our list.

Registration is open till the 15th of April.
Should we not be able to summon at least 30 attendees, the tournament will be canceled, money will be wired back to the people who have already transferred it to our account.

Disclaimer and personal liability

While we will do our best to ensure your safety, we want it to be absolutely clear, that every person takes part in this tournament under the posted ruleset at their own risk.
We strongly believe in the individual responsibility of two concenting persons who fight each other under a given ruleset. This means that you are aware of the possible risks of injury that the sport itself and a tournament under this specific ruleset poses. Because of this, we can only allow attendees with the legal age of 18 years to participate. We hope to be able to allow a lower entry age in the future, but don’t feel legaly safe enough to do so at the present time.
By participating in this tournament you further accept the responsibility for any damages you cause during the cutting challenges, especially but not only, self inflicted injuries.

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